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Inspiring Leaders are proud to provide partner MATs with high quality professional learning and leadership development. Our programmes are delivered by experienced MAT leaders and provide professional, regional support for those working in leadership roles within thier MATs.


We know how challenging and rewarding it can be to work in an academy trust and know that for some of your colleagues in central trust roles there is not always a natural professional development pathway available to them. Additionally, colleagues in MATs can sometime feel a sense of isolation in certain roles, due the specificity of their skill set. Our teachers are very fortunate that their professional journey is rich with learning opportunities from the day they enter the profession, but this is not always the case for MAT executive leaders, especially for those in roles focussed on the cooporate functions of the organisation.

When was the last time your colleagues invested time their own leadership development or engaged in peer challenge conversations with colleagues from other MATs?

To remedy this, Inspiring Leaders is proud to offer a range of Professional Learning and Leadership Communities (PLLC). Regional networks for colleagues to learn from and with each other, with a focus on developing individuals leadership skills and thinking.




Our Programmes

We know that being in a leadership role in a MAT is rewarding, dynamic and challenging and we believe that colleagues in these roles benefit from the challenge and support of those who are in comparable roles in other MATS. 

Our professional communities offer a more personalised leadership development opportunity and deeper opportunities for collaborative learning due to the regional location of our programmes and the emphasis on face-to-face learning.

In all our programmes there will be an opportunity for learners to influence the content so that we are tailoring our approach to their needs. This will be balanced with some fixed features of the programme to ensure a consistency in experiences for colleagues in your MAT.

CEO Network

Our CEO network events are designed to support CEOs to be inspired from those working beyond the education sector and to enable greater collaboration between likeminded colleagues.

To support CEOs to develop their own practice we have set up three network sessions during the year for CEOs to attend. All of our CEO Network session will be face to face events, held at venues across the region. Each of our sessions will include a guest input from a successful leader who will share their insight and experiences of leadership to help challenge and support the development of CEOs. Sessions will also include an opportunity for networking and reflection, as well as updates on key developments in the system.

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Professional Leadership and Learning Communities

Our Professional Leadership and Learning Communities (PLLC) are regional networks for colleagues to learn from and with each other, with a focus on developing individuals leadership skills and thinking.

To support Executive MAT Leaders to develop their own practice we have set up four sessions during the year for leaders to attend. We have invited expert speakers to present to our groups from the education sector and beyond, and we will facilitate group working to create closer peer to peer relationships. Where appropriate we will hear from DFE funded hub leaders who can add subject specific expertise to the learning experience.

Operational Networks

Our Operational Networks are regional structured networking sessions which create a balance between expert inputs and collaboration.

To support operational leaders, we are offering two sessions per year for operational MAT leaders such as ICT Directors and Estates Directors connect. At these network sessions leaders we will invite specialist colleagues to come and engage in structured networking sessions creating a balance between expert inputs and facilitated discussions.

Becoming a Partner of Inspiring Leaders

We are inviting MATs to become partners of Inspiring Leaders by subscribing to the whole programme of support detailed below for a fee of £4,500+VAT per year.

This includes:

 –    3 CEO Network sessions

 –    36 Professional Leadership and Learning Community Sessions

 –    6 Network sessions for Operation Leaders

 –    6 TOP5 policy newsletters

 –    Access to the Inspiring Leaders Residential Leadership Conference (only open to subscribing MATs)

 –    Access to all Inspiring Leaders wider CPDL opportunities with 10% discount

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