About Us

Formed in 2012 by a group of innovative and forward-thinking leaders, Inspiring Leaders has made significant impact upon the lives of 1000's of children. A partnership built on Trust and Commitment has provided training for over 4000 School Leaders and trained over 400 new Teachers for the system.

Why Inspiring Leaders

Inspiring Leaders passionately believes that great Teachers and Leaders have the power to transform children’s lives. By utilising the experience and expertise of practicing leaders of today, we endeavour to develop confident, ethical and aspirational school Teachers and Leaders of the future.

What do we do?

We design great teacher professional learning experiences which help improve children’s life chances.

How do we do it?

Inspiring Leaders places the following values at the heart of our work:


We are a community of Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts working together with a shared commitment to transforming pupils’ lives. We recognise the power that high quality Teacher development has on making this a reality.


Our partners work together closely and support each other in their development. We ensure that mutual respect is developed between learners in all our programmes.


We know that to be successful Schools and MATs need be innovative and take risks. We are committed to ‘looking beyond’ our usual boundaries in pursuit of excellence.


Our organisation is led BY credible leaders who have broad expertise and are passionate about learning and developing themselves and their organisations.


Our leaders are committed to working together to benefit the wider system of teachers, leaders and pupils.


Where Inspiring Leaders began

In 2012, when the Self-improving School-Led system was in its infancy the Trustees of Inspiring Leaders found themselves in new territory. They were being challenged by the Department for Education and National College for School Leadership to improve the lives of children beyond their school by becoming Teaching Schools and eventually Academy Trusts.

As ‘System Leaders’ our Trustees were tasked with challenging the status-quo, to innovate and see how things could be differently, with a strong focus on improving the life chances of all children.

Our Trustees needed to be courageous, to represent the best in the system, and to inspire those around them. It was at this stage our Trustees began to meet and realised that they too needed a support network, a group of people they could trust across the region, who were experiencing similar journeys.




Our Trustees saw the opportunities that working together in a trusting way could bring, and before long collectively applied to become a licence holder for NPQs and more recently a SCITT, under the name Inspiring Leaders.

Since 2012 Inspiring Leaders has trained over 4000 leaders, offered a range of support for the system, offered ITT for over 400 new teachers for the system and visited multiple nations of the world to see how we can learn from others.

We have been credited for our quality by Ofsted, Tribal and the DFE and whilst there is always improvements to be made the bond between our Trusts remains tight and there is a continued desire to work together and learn together.

Policies & Reports

See our Policies of Quality Assurance reports here

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