Leaders Learning Exchange

A programme designed for schools who believe in the power and impact of peer support from colleagues with a shared focus. This programme is for school leaders who want to learn from colleagues beyond their own MAT. We know that Headteacher peer working, especially between schools in different MATs, has decreased in recent years. This programme aims to cut through this by creating a structured forum for build lasting, practice focused partnerships between schools.

The aims of the programme

Creating opportunities for school leaders to form partnerships beyond their own Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs).

Establishing working triads among schools to facilitate structured school visits and exchanges throughout the academic year.

Fostering innovative solutions to shared challenges through learning from diverse school cultures and approaches.



"It's time we fostered collaboration among schools, extending beyond their existing Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) affiliations. We recognise the wealth of knowledge within our regional MAT alliance, and this programme is designed to facilitate the sharing of such expertise. It will empower colleagues to forge robust, enduring partnerships, united by the common goal of ensuring the success of every student."

James Brown, Managing Director, and Programme Facilitator

About the programme

Programme Structure and Benefits

– Triads: Schools will work in triads, undertaking reciprocal visits to identify and implement effective practices, and to provide external insights into school operations.

– Support and Coaching: Visits will be underpinned by coaching conversations informed by the work of Jim Knight, focusing on enhancing learning, growth, and professional practice.

– Commitment: The programme requires a time commitment of 3 days per school, plus visit preparation.

– Launch Event: All participating schools will attend a launch event to agree on ways of working and trial programme tools and resources.


Download the full programme information here 

Who should participate?

– Headteachers from schools within the Inspiring Leaders MAT Partnership.

– Schools with the capacity to undertake and host visits.

– Leaders interested in fostering relationships with schools beyond their immediate MAT.

Costs and Registration

We offer a tiered investment structure for the enrolment of schools:

– Enrolment of a single school: £450

– Enrolment of two schools: £675

– Enrolment of three schools: £800

Please note that Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) have the opportunity to enroll up to three schools on an annual basis.

To initiate the enrolment process, kindly complete the application form.

We anticipate that the selection of schools for participation will be a strategic decision made by MAT CEOs and Education Leaders, rather than an autonomous choice by the schools themselves. This approach ensures alignment with the broader educational objectives of the MAT.


Want to find out more

If you have any questions about the programme please get in touch with us by emailing info@iltoday.co.uk

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