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In 2019 Inspiring Leaders organised a visit to Toronto for 24 CEOs and School Leaders to visit government organisations, the principals’ council, and schools. Our aim was to deepen and challenge our thinking, both for Inspiring Leaders and our own trusts.

Our leaders were in pursuit of excellence from overseas and with Toronto felt like the right fit for this trip, given Canada’s top-10 PISA rankings 2015 for maths, science and reading.

Over the course of a week leaders visited a range of schools to explore their approach to delivering excellence in teaching and leadership. In addition to our enriching school visits, we were able to meet with senior officials from the Ontario School Board, The Ontario Principal’s Council and the Ontario College of Teachers which provided an excellent blend of theory, policy and practice for our leaders to learn from.

The trip was an enormous success and provided much food for thought and inspiration for actions and policy thinking which is still being used today.


Please download one of our thinkpieces which was created following the trip.


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