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Celebrating Our ITT Champions: An Expression of Gratitude and Encouragement

It’s without a doubt that in recent times, the landscape of teacher recruitment and early career development in schools has been a subject of discussion and national concern.

Like many sectors, Initial Teacher Training (ITT) has faced significant challenges—challenges that have only underscored the crucial role School-Centered Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) plays in facilitating a stream of talented teachers into our schools.

As the Managing Director of Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training SCITT, James Brown takes immense pride in the dedication shown by individuals who tirelessly work to uphold the standards and commitments of teacher education.

“This week, we have begun to evaluate the work of our current trainees and started to award QTS to trainees nearing the end of their training year with us. I have been astounded by the calibre of individuals entering the profession and the remarkable journeys they have each individually undertaken,”

This celebration of their achievements has prompted James to reflect on the unwavering commitment and expertise of those working in ITT, and recognise their efforts shown over the last 12 months.


Excellence in Changing Times


“In the face of a declining number of individuals entering the teaching profession, our SCITT colleagues demonstrate unwavering commitment and resilience,” he begins,

“Despite substantial workloads and the demand to do more with less, they balance the complexities of training, mentoring, and leading with inspiring grace. The post-COVID era brings additional complexities with applicants having diverse needs, including mental health and neurodiversity considerations,”

He adds, “Our colleagues navigate these needs with deep understanding, patience, and adaptability, fostering an environment where all aspiring teachers can thrive and succeed, regardless of their backgrounds or challenges. Their dedication is deeply appreciated and does not go unnoticed,”


Remarkable Host Schools


“Alongside our centrally based staff, our host school mentors, the unsung heroes in this journey, deserve also deserve a special mention. Their partnership is essential in enabling trainees to grow and thrive,” he goes on to say,

“They provide real-world experiences and guidance that are pivotal in shaping the competent educators of tomorrow. The symbiotic relationship between our SCITT professionals and school mentors enriches our programme, making it robust and responsive to the changing dynamics of education,”


Thanks to Everyone Who Works in ITT


He closes, “Thank you to each and every one of our SCITT colleagues, and to those working in ITT across the country. These incredible professionals are playing a hugely important role in shaping the next generation of teachers and this deserves recognition. Their work is fundamental to the success of our educational system! Let us continue to champion the cause of ITT with enthusiasm and dedication, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations placed upon us.”

As we look ahead, we encourage the sector to take a moment to reflect on what has been achieved over the past year and prepare for the challenges ahead with renewed vigour and resilience. The impact of incredible teachers continues to shine through in the development of young people across the country, with every child being given the opportunity to reach their potential, no matter their circumstances.